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This presents monthly updates of activities carried out by SfL in the Complementary Basic Education component of the E4L Programme

SfL July, 2014

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1.0 Introduction

In July 2014, the following were the activities executed by School for Life with funding from DANIDA/GV, DFID, UNICEF and Tzedek.

2.0 NESAR Meeting (2014)

School for Life participated in the 2014 National Education Sector Annual Review (NESAR) meeting and was part of the Basic Education Technical Group. The group made recommendations including the following, which were adopted by the meeting:

Ø Government should make financial allocation to CBE from national education budgets and capitation grant allocations;

Ø District Assemblies should adopt and manage CBE Programmes;

Ø Government should set up schools in communities where CBE is operational; and

Ø Government should facilitate nation-wide collaboration between GES, District Assemblies and Ministry of Local Government for improved delivery of CBE.

This was the first time in NESAR meetings, where such specific recommendations were made with respect to the CBE Policy and the need for government to finance CBE implementation in the country. In spite of this achievement, SfL and its allies will continue to advocate for the government to fully support CBE implementation throughout the country.

During the NESAR, the Hon. Minister of Education, Prof. Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang, presented a Nissan Navara pick-up and fifteen (15) motorbikes to SfL as its allocation of the vehicles and motorbikes support to the Ghana CBE Programme. The receipt of the vehicle and motorbikes will go a long way to strengthen monitoring and supervision in the Project districts.

The Minister Presenting the Pick-up and Motor Bikes to SfL

She expressed Government’s profound gratitude to SfL and other Implementing Partners for their efforts to get thousands of out-of-school children into school.

3.0 District Level Engagements with District Assemblies and GES

Following the successful graduation of learners in the first cycle of the Ghana CBE Programme, SfL conducted stakeholder meetings with officials of the District Assemblies and the Ghana Education Service. The meetings were held with the District Chief Executives and District Directors of Education, GES/SfL Desk Officers and other Officials of the DAs and GES in all Programme Districts, to discuss and further develop strategies towards facilitating smooth integration of all learners into the formal school system. This became necessary to ensure that learners in communities without formal schools are integrated. Among strategies developed by the districts to ensure smooth integration were:

Ø * Provision of bicycles and tricycles to aid transportation of learners to the nearest formal schools;

Ø * Establishment of Wing Schools in some communities without formal schools; and

Ø * Engage organizations working in education to support learners (especially females) with bicycles, uniforms and sandals etc.

SfL Staff in a Meeting with Staff of DA and GES at the Wa West District Directorate of Education

The strategies will serve as action points to ensure smooth integration of CBE learners in Programme districts.

4.0 Meeting with GES/SfL Desk Officers

SfL organized a meeting with GES/SfL Desk Officers, who are responsible for SfL activities in the districts. The meeting offered an opportunity for the Desk Officers to confirm the strategies that were developed earlier.

They were also provided orientation on the use of the placement test tools for integrating the CBE learners. This gave them insight into how to conduct the placement of the learners when schools re-open. The Officers understood and appreciated the tools and this will guide them to better conduct the test and integrate learners based on their performance.

SfL Desk Officers in a consultative meeting with SfL Senior Staff to develop Integration strategies

5.0 Graduation of CBE Learners in the UNICEF Programme (Savelugu Municipality)

Graduation of CBE learners was carried out in 30 communities in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality.

A combined team of SfL CBE Field Officers and staff of the Municipal Directorate of Education undertook the exercise. The ceremonies were climaxed with the presentation of certificates to the graduates.

Learners proudly displaying their graduation certificates

The team graduated 728 learners (478 boys and 245 girls) as against a total of 746 enrolled (483 boys, 268 girls), representing 98% graduation rate. The project recorded 18-learner dropout (5 boys, 13 girls) representing a dropout rate of 2.4%. This is an improvement over last year’s graduation rate of 97%.

6.0 Education Quality Initiative Project (EQUIP)

EQUIP procured teaching and learning materials (Flash cards, charts and textbooks) for distribution to beneficiary schools for the 2014/2015 academic year. The materials form an integral part of EQUIP strategies to improved teaching and learning. This is meant to promote quality teaching and learning and make classrooms of beneficiary schools more learner-friendly. It is expected that beneficiary schools will procure more of the teaching and learning materials using resources from the Ghana Partnership for Education Grant (GPEG) or improvise by using local materials.

7.0 TEP 2014

Preparations for the Teacher Exchange Programme are ongoing. All Ghanaian participants have successfully obtained visas and are in the process of making other arrangements for the Programme.

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