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This presents monthly updates of activities carried out by SfL in the Complementary Basic Education component of the E4L Programme

SfL Updates for January and February 2017

SfL this month:Posted by Abdul Rahim Tue, March 14, 2017 10:16:52


During the period under review, SfL undertook and or participated in the following activities:


SfL organized a CBE Alliance Task Force meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to review the status of the implementation of the 2016 work plan especially with regard to the launch and dissemination of the CBE Policy and to plan activities and budget for 2017. The meeting also discussed issues emanating from the Ghana CBE Programme Annual Review Meeting organized by the Ghana CBE Management Unit.

The Following were outcomes from the meeting;

o Members were informed that the CBE Policy document would be reviewed and so it was important to make contributions to the review process.

o A letter to be written to the Management Unit, suggesting the way forward for the implementation of Cycle 5.

o It was also agreed that the 2016 work plan should be adopted for 2017.


SfL organized a Career Guidance, Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills training workshop for female facilitators of the Ghana Complementary Basic Education Programme. The one-day training workshop brought together 110 female facilitators from the eight SfL CBE operational Districts (Mion, Yendi, Sagnarigu, Kumbungu, Zabzugu, Nanumba South, Saboba and Central Gonja).

The training, among others, was aimed at contributing to improve the quality of life and general wellbeing of the female facilitators, as well as support them to take up leadership roles in their communities as facilitators.

Participants were given the opportunity to share experiences on how they have made use of knowledge and skills acquired at the last training. This brought to light that some participants are now doing petty trading, e.g. making and selling candies to augment their income, while two others were able to register and rewrite the WASSCE. The two passed the exams.

Participants observing a session on Liquid Soap making


The Ghana Complementary Basic Education Programme (GCBE) organized a 3-days Programme Implementation Review and Lesson Learning and Sharing meeting.

This year’s review focused on sharing experiences and key lessons from the 2015-16 Cycle implementation with special focus on the results of the Learner Assessment and the programme implementers’ responsiveness to the Key Performance Indicators.

From the Assessment Report, the programme was found to have attained an A+ grading. This excellent performance is not only commendable, but also places a stiff challenge on the programme to sustain the performance or even do better in subsequent years.

On the implementers’ responsiveness to the KPIs, most organizations (including SfL) scored at least 90%. Thus the overall performance of the programme was excellent.

Participants during the CBE Annual Review Meeting


SfL participated in a one-day workshop organized by NNED The workshop brought together civil society organizations and individuals within the NNED fraternity to discuss and collectively provide suggestions of technical relevance towards the implementation of the Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Education (PTAE) Project.

The aim of PTAE is to promote transparency and accountability in the use of education resources among education service managers by assessing the performance and achievements of the Ghana Partnership Education Grant (GPEG).

The PTAE project is expected to increase the awareness and involvement of 270 local civil society members and 1250 parents from 25 districts in the management of education resources in Northern Ghana and also promote adherence to effective mechanisms for challenging education resources from central government to decentralized offices in Northern Ghana.

It was agreed that NNED members operating in the selected districts would be responsible for coordinating the activities under the PTAE project. These members were selected based on their inclusion in the organisational profile chart provided by NOYED for members to fill earlier.


SfL has submitted an application for Joy of Reading Award. The award is given to projects that promote the joy of reading and fight illiteracy. The award is established by the IT Company Systematic in collaboration with the Next Library Conference. SfL with its passion for making more out of school children literate in their mother tongue, SfL found it necessary to submit an application. In the process of drafting the application, Inger/GV made inputs for improving the draft.


The verification of CBE learners to find out the veracity of the allegation that some formal school pupils have found their way into CBE classes in the Ghana CBE Programme Districts was undertaken by SfL M&E unit and GES desk officers in all GCBE districts implemented by SfL. The final result indicated that in all the districts there were some formal school learners in some CBE classes even though not very many as was alleged.

In all, 9% of the enrolled learners were found to be formal school pupils. These pupils have been removed from the CBE classes and immediately replaced with out-of-school children in the affected classes. Special attention is being given to such new learners to enable them catch up with the others.


Monitoring of CBE classes implemented in the eight districts of Northern Region and two districts in the Upper East Region revealed that classes are progressing well all over. This time, the change of government made it difficult for SfL to hold to hold such meetings with the Assemblies since they (Assemblies) are still going through some reorganization. Meeting with GES staff, however, have been held without much difficulty.

For example in Kumbungu, Sagnarigu and Central Gonja Districts, the SfL officers met with the frontline Assistant Directors (ADs) including the CBE Desk officers to discuss the level of involvement of the GES in CBE activities in the Districts. The District Directors of Education chaired all these meetings.


UNICEF has supplied 870 used bicycles to SfL to be distributed to CBE learners integrated into formal schools in the Builsa North and Builsa South Districts. These children integrated into formal schools in the two districts after graduating from the CBE classes in July 2016. The distribution is being done by the GES of the districts on behalf of SfL and UNICEF.


Inger and Dean visited Tamale in the middle of February. SFL was involved in many of the meetings organized by Dean at the E4L Finance Team and Management Committee (MC) levels.


The GDCA Steering Committee and SfL TC held their regular meetings. At the Steering Committee meeting, SfL was singled out and highly commended for always holding quarterly TC meetings and serving GDCA Secretariat with the highlights of the meeting. Other GDCA Units were called upon to emulate the good practice of SfL.

At the TC meeting, a suggestion by Management to suspend the recruitment exercise to get a replacement for Lawrencia was upheld by the TC. The TC gave its total concurrence to Management’s suggestion to rather support, encourage and grow the CAO (Abdul Rahim) to add Gender to the Communication and Advocacy role. This position was brought to the attention of the GDCA/E4L ED/PM who in turn informed the GV Secretariat. Happily, both ends have given their No Objection to this idea and also agreed that E4L will continue to support the Advocacy and Gender position holder in SfL by paying the 50% salary for the position.

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