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This presents monthly updates of activities carried out by SfL in the Complementary Basic Education component of the E4L Programme


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The education unit of the Empowerment for Life Programme, School for Life has been integral in the completion of E4L Phase III Programme activities in the first quarter of the year. Technical Advisors for Education and Advocacy and Gender, in particular, have been supportive in the conduct of activities such as training on community entry skills, workshop on tools for identification of target groups, community mobilisation and sensitisation as well as capacity assessment of target groups. Beyond SfL’s engagement in E4L Programme activities, other activities undertaken in the month under review include the following:

1.0 CBE Alliance General Meeting

Following intense advocacy drive by the CBE Alliance, leading to the approval of the CBE policy in December 2014, the Alliance held a meeting in April 2015 to review its activities in the previous year and to agree on some activities in the ensuing year. With the CBE Policy approved, the Alliance recognises the need to mount advocacy on the Government of Ghana to make budgetary allocation to ensure the continued implementation of CBE after te exit of the DFID-support Ghana CBE Programme. Alongside advocacy for CBE, the Alliance has employed the dimension of Regional Education forum with the view to gaining broader stakeholder understanding of the need to address educational challenges more holistically, especially challenges on quality education delivery.

Lawrencia, making a welcome address at the General Meeting

CBE Alliance Meeting in April 2015

Following discussions and review of the CBE Alliance’s activities in 2014, including the on-going work of the Education sector Working Group-Northern Region, the Alliance members in the Upper East and Upper West egions were charged to consolidate partnership with the Regional Coordinating Councils and Regional Education Directorates to get them to lay key roles in the formation and working of Education Sector Working Group in the regions. Other key decisions made include:

Ø Prepare a status report of activities and achievements by the CBE Alliance, to serve the basis for revision of the Strategic Plan;

Ø Monitor 2016 budget cycle and make inputs and engage Parliamentary Select Committee on Education and MoE on budget issues;

Ø Conduct Research on teacher quality and use findings to organize national forum on quality education; and

Ø Hold Capacity building training for Alliance members on budgeting and advocacy.

2.0 SfL 20 years Anniversary Planning Committee Meeting

To plan for the celebration of SfL at 20 in Ghana, the SfL Technical Committee established a sub committee, with three TC members to be supported by SfL Management and Staff. The committee met and proposed a list of activities that will build up to a durbar to be held in October this year. The following activities were proposed to be held for the Anniversary celebration:

Ø Media panel discussion and announcement on radio stations regarding the SfL 20th Anniversary. A member of the SfL Alumni would be involved in the discussions;

Ø Friday and Sunday Prayers in mosques and churches respectively, a week to the celebration.

Ø Games between CBE learners in different classes. Right to Play to be involved in supporting and organising Games;

Ø Facilitation by old facilitators in CBE Classes;

Ø Clean-up exercises in some CBE communities by learners and community members generally; and

Ø Hold the 20th Anniversary Durbar in October 2015.

A tentative agenda was developed for the proposed gathering. It was also agreed that some awards would be presented to categorised lists of people for their immense contribution to the School for Life Programme.

3.0 Facilitators Refresher training workshop

During the month, a four-day in-service training was organized for CBE facilitators of both the UNICEF-funded CBE Project and the Ghana CBE Programme. The workshop strengthened the knowledge and skills of facilitators to ensure successful completion of the 2014/2015 CBE cycle. Topics treated included: setting the environment for learning; instructional strategies; CBE method of facilitating reading; teaching reading using complementary readers; Handling learners with special needs; Facilitating reading lessons for Primer 2; and Developing communication skills of facilitators.

Beyond this, the training offered a platform for facilitators to learn from one another best practices in handling challenges encountered in the classroom. During group discussions, Facilitators demonstrated considerable understanding of the concepts discussed in the training. The 30 and 492 facilitators from the UNICEF-support CBE Project and the Ghana CBE Programme respectively who benefited from the training are expected to employ knowledge and skills acquired in teaching learners in CBE classes to complete the training modules before learners graduate later in June 2015.

Facilitators in the Sagnarigu District having Group Discussions in the Refresher Course

4.0 Negotiation Meeting between SfL and Ghana CBE MU

SfL Management attended a negotiation meeting with the Ghana CBE Management Unit in Accra in preparation for entering into agreements to continue implementing CBE in 9 districts from the next literacy cycle. The negotiation confirmed the number of learners per each district and the final budget figures. Contract agreements are being prepared by the MU for signing to pave the way for the preparatory activities to begin the 2015/16-literacy cycle.

Beyond the indication by the MU that SfL has performed satisfactorily in the delivery of the Programme for the past two years, the selection of SfL to continue to implement CBE in the 9 districts is a reinforcement of the confidence entrusted in SfL as the Lead Implementing Partner in the Ghana CBE Programme.

5.0 Staff Capacity Development

Communications and Advocacy Officer attended a day training workshop on social media for results in Accra. The training was organised by Penplus Bytes at New Media Hub, an organisation that specialises in Social Media usage and engagement. The training deepened the knowledge and skills of the Officer in engaging more with social media to communicate organisational results. the content such as, features of good social media content, target audience analysis, provoking interest and social media metrics among others, were useful in shaping the CAO’s understanding of engaging social media to disseminate results.

6.0 Meeting with Official from Innovations for Poverty Action

During the month, SfL Management held a meeting with an Official from Innovations for Poverty Action to explore the opportunity of collaborating in a proposed research project. The said project seeks to make an evaluation of SfL’s CBE Programme. In principle, SfL agreed to the idea and hope to partner with IPA when funding is made available. SfL will review the proposal on the said project and make an input before IPA submits it.

7.0 E4L Media Review

SfL participated in the 1st Media Review meeting of the E4L Phase III Programme. SfL took the opportunity to officially interact with the media about Governments approval of the CBE Policy. The media were commended for their joint contribution to this achievement. They were, howver, reminded of the need for continued advocacy for Government to make budgetary allocation for CBE implementation.

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